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Buying from US Suppliers

USStyle offers any registered visitor (to register here: do it now!), a range of outstanding buying services to source any product or service related to US fashions or textiles directly from American suppliers.

Using these services are completely FREE! Discover the best way to find and order your next lot of "made in US" products by selecting one of the options currently available below.

Business Stores

Business-to-Business Catalogs of US companies are available in order to view products, request samples and place orders quickly. You can find in-stock merchandise immediately for your normal or urgent product needs. Go to the Business Stores entry page now. Try our StyleDisplay Service, the mega E-Catalog of all the Eletronic Catalogs managed by the US companies currently available in the USStyle Marketplace! Find the products you are looking for quickly and efficiently!

Surplus Auctions
You can participate in professional auctions bidding for surplus and liquidation lots of products auctioned off by US manufacturers. This is the best way to buy great "made in US" fashion or textile merchandise at extremely low prices! Sell this incredibly priced merchandise on your local market with high profit margins! Enter the Auctions now!

Buying Groups
Join other international and domestic professionals buying large lots of products offered by US manufacturers at bargain prices. Now you can buy a part of the lot for the same low prices typically enjoyed by much larger corporations. Become more competitive, The size of your company doesn't matter! Visit the Buying Groups now!

Reverse Auctions
Make any reasonable offer for buying a "lot" of clothing, fabrics, linens, leather or anything else related to fashion or textiles. Let US suppliers accept it or bid against each other to give you even lower prices! Use leverage competition to buy quality "made in US" products at prices not available through traditional buying channels. Apply now for your Reverse Auction!


All buying services are operated directly by, a company featuring no links with any specific company or association. takes no esponsability for the accuracy of published data or actual quality of the lots on sale. See our Terms and Conditions Document. attempts to be selective in the US companies selling through the USStyle buying services in order to deliver reasonable screening to preserve the trust of its users.

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