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Many US companies from the textile and fashion industries are interested in talented personnel to increase their sales or style staffs.
If you have the right skills to join a US company, you may send your resume by E-Mail now!

USStyle will pass it along to companies that best match your professional profile.

  • Submit in English and include the languages you speak.

  • Detail your background, professional skills and job experiences.

  • List professional references.

  • Detail the position you are applying for (be as specific as possible)along with salary requirements in US Dollars.

  • Include your complete postal address, phone number, and E-Mail address.

  • Send the Resume to this E-Mail address. Please do not use fax.
  • Many US companies are interested in hosting talented students involved in textiles, fashion, style, marketing, or public relations for interships of one or more months.

  • You could have the opportunity to experience an interesting working intership at a fashion or textile company. Please send your Resume by E-Mail, detailing your wishes.

  • USStyle is interested in gifted people willing to have an oustanding working experience within the USStyle Network. If you are interested in an intership with USStyle (in USA or Italy), please write us.
  • Most companies joining USStyle are interested in getting in touch with possible qualified agents or distributors in countries all around the world.

  • If you have documented experience in trading fashion, leather or textile merchandise, plus real business opportunities in your local market, this is an interesting chance for you.

  • Please send a detailed Profile of your company, your customers, and other companies you are currently representing. You will get direct feedback from each US company.

The USStyle staff features talented, highly motivated people working as a team to achieve the total success with respect to the company's mission.

If you are looking for a challenging and fast moving career to add your talents to, and if you are goal oriented, you may have found the right company to pursue your career!

USStyle is currently interested in evaluating job applications (part-time and full time) for the following positions:

  • Salespersons of USStyle memberships to US companies
  • Salespersons of B2B E-Catalog platforms and advanced WEB-based Style systems for the Textile and Fashion industry.

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