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Introducing and Showcasing American Fashion and Texile Suppliers
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You may try a Search in the USStyle Company Directory to find more precisely what you are looking for.

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Business Stores

Some companies may have an extra label to deliver more information about them and the services they offer to international buyers: BUSINESS STORE.

The company featuring this special label has a Business Store hosted in USStyle.
A Business Store is an advanced Electronic Catalog managed by a single company, where you can browse its products, request samples and place orders. Just click on that label to access to the Catalog.

Before getting in touch with a potential supplier, you need to know as much about them as possible in order to make a quality decision.

The USStyle Business Showrooms help you to better evaluate the companies through a standard, easy-to-read presentation.

When you get a listing of American companies in the USStyle Marketplace (after a Search or just listing a Product Category) you will find a label like this SHOWROOM for each company. Click it to visit the company's Showroom!

Example of a Company listed in USStyle:

You may take advantage of basic information such as background profile, product range, target markets, staff contacts and an early showcase of manufactured products. You can get in touch with them instantly through E-Mail or follow the link to their official WEB site or their Business Store in USStyle (if available).

USStyle carefully selects the companies included in this section, however, USStyle is not liable in any way for the actions or claims of these companies.

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