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The Events Calendar wil show an interactive calendar with all the main textile, fashion, and leather goods Trade Shows held in the United States. An excellent, easy-to-use tool to schedule your visit to such important Events!

Books and Videos allows quick searches of American fashion-related books and videos in the (over 3-million titles) Amazon catalogue.

Looking for more qualified fashion resources on the Net? Try our Recommended Links section: there are national and international Textile or Fashion portals, magazines, institutions, associations, and museums well worth a visit!

Business Alliances is aimed at other business sites, portals, and marketplaces interested in sharing the ItalianModa vision and mission. Creating a worldwide network of non-competitive fashion or textile portals that deliver terrific business tools in the hands of international buyers and sellers.

Do you feel you have the right skills or talent to join the USStyle staff, as well as joining the staff of qualified US companies or become a sales agent? The Jobs section is regularly updated with the current vacant positions.

Industry News is a list of the most relevant news from the international Textile and Clothing Industry. Updated every fifteen minutes, this is an invaluable source of information for any professional.

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